Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”)

Does it hurt?

Each woman is different. Some woman experience mild cramping while others experience heavy cramping. Each person has a different pain tolerance level. To help with the pain, we offer 800 mg Ibuprofen, localized numbing agents and nitrous oxide (laughing gas).


“I trusted only the staff at NFWS to take care of me. Thank you for being so kind and caring!” – patient comment

How long will I be bleeding?

With the medication procedure, you will bleed for 24 to 48 hours heavily and then bleeding will taper off like a menstrual cycle.

With the vacuum aspiration, bleeding is different for each woman. Some women experience little to no bleeding while other experience heavy bleeding.

Do not use tampons and contact the office immediately if you fill two large sanitary napkins with blood per hour.

When can I have sex?

You may have sex if the doctor releases you to normal activity after your follow up appointment.

Will I be prescribed medication afterwards?

Yes. You will be prescribed medications for both procedures. We offer in house prescription services for most of these medications for your convenience. Our prices are competitive, if not cheaper, than most large chain stores.

When can I drink alcohol?

You can drink alcohol after all medications are completed and you are released by the doctor.

How long will the actual procedure take?

The vacuum aspiration procedure takes approximately 4 to 6 minutes.

Can I be sedated?

Currently we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and localized numbing. No, you will not be put “to sleep.”

Is this confidential?

Patient privacy is of the upmost importance to NFWS. We strictly follow HIPPA guidelines, and do not disclose any information to outside sources unless specifically requested in writing in the form of a medical records release signed by the patient.

To aide in privacy we offer “VIP” appointments where the patient will be the only patient in the building on our “Non-Clinic” weekdays which are Tuesday and Thursday. VIP appointments are made around the physicians schedule, and the date must be approved before officially being scheduled. VIP appointments also require a non-refundable $250 deposit at the time of scheduling. This deposit will not be refunded under any circumstances, and is not related to our $140 non-refundable fee for regular appointments.

Is the doctor a “real” doctor?

Yes, our doctor is licensed Medical Doctor and has 20 years of experience in women’s health.

Why can’t I take “the Pill” after 11 weeks?

The pill works by blocking the hormones that support pregnancy. After 11 weeks it is not an effective option.

Is it more effective to insert the pills for the medication procedure on the first of the three days?

Days 1 through 3 show no difference in effectiveness.

Why can’t I insert the 4 pills of the medication procedure at night?

The medication manufacture recommends that the pills be inserted in the morning. If there are complications, you have easier access to medical attention and the pill will cause heavy bleeding and cramping which may cause you not to rest through the night.

Will my regular doctor be able to tell I have had an abortion?

Unless you inform the doctor or if you visit the doctor before the pregnancy hormones resolve, there should be no way of them knowing you have had an abortion.

Will I ever be able to get pregnant again?

Yes, baring no serious complications as these are low but not zero. We do not recommend getting pregnant within 6 months of a procedure.

When will my pregnancy test be negative?

HCG (pregnancy hormone) may take 1 to 4 weeks to go to undetectable levels. During this time, pregnancy test may show positive.

Can I take my medications that I am currently on?

You will need to disclose all medications that you are taking to our staff when your appointment is made. The doctor will review these on an individual basis and advise you appropriately.

What if I’m breastfeeding?

Please advise staff if you are breastfeeding when making your appointment and the doctor will advise you appropriately.

When will my cycle get back to normal?

It could be up to 10 weeks before your cycle returns to normal.

When do you start your birth control?

Begin birth control pill, depo, NuvaRing, patch on the Sunday after your first period. IUD are best placed the week immediately after your period. Contact your health care provider for instructions.

What if I change my mind?

If you change your mind after the initial work up and ultrasound, you will be refunded all your money except for $140 administrative/scheduling fees.

Do I have to be from Tallahassee to come to this clinic to have an abortion?

No, we accept patients from all surrounding cities and states. Our servicing areas include, but are not limited to:

Our office is located in Tallahassee, FL. We are also able to provide abortion services to patients in surrounding cities such as:

Quincy, FL., Midway, FL., Havana, FL., Monticello, FL., Crawfordville, FL., Panacea, FL., Blountstown, FL., Madison, FL., Perry, FL., Live Oak, FL., Jacksonville, FL., Starke, FL., Marianna, FL., Chipley, FL., Bonifay, FL., Port Saint Joe, FL., Callaway, FL., Panama City, FL., Lynn Haven, FL., Miramar Beach, FL., Freeport, FL., Defuniak Springs, FL., Destin, FL., Fort Walton Beach, FL., Niceville, FL., Crestview, FL., Navarre, FL., Pensacola, FL., Gulf Breeze, FL., Milton, FL.

We are also available to provide abortion services to patients in the states surrounding Florida such as:

Thomasville, GA., Bainbridge, GA., Cairo, GA., Tifton, GA., Albany, GA., Valdosta, GA., Moultrie, GA., Pelham, GA., Camilla, GA., Quitman, GA., Donalsonville, GA., Blakley, GA., Leesburg, GA., Cuthbert, GA.

Dothan, AL., Enterprise, AL., Ozark, AL., Troy, AL., Atmore, AL., Mobile, AL., Gulf Shores, AL., Foley, AL., Daphne, AL., Montgomery, AL.

Gulfport, MS., Pascagoula, MS., Biloxi, MS., Gautier, MS., Long Beach, MS., Hattiesburg, MS., Jackson, MS., Meridian, MS., Vancleave, MS., Moss Point, MS., Diberville, MS.