What to Expect on the day of your abortion appointment

Check In

When you arrive for your appointment you will sign in. At this time we will verify and make a copy of your photo ID. If you are bringing in any documentation of blood type or pre-filled out paperwork you will need to hand it in at this time. Then you will be directed to leave a urine sample in the bathroom for your urine pregnancy test. Once finished you will receive your paperwork to fill out if you did not bring it in with you filled out already. If you did not bring in documentation of your blood type we will check it in intake. In intake, you will have your blood pressure and temperature checked as well. Your intake coordinator will also schedule your post check appointment which is included in the cost as long as it is completed within 6 weeks.

The intake coordinator will then bring your chart to the front desk, and you will be ready to pay. The front desk staff member will collect your payment. You will also pay for any prescriptions you wish to fill in our office at this time as well, and you will receive those medications at the end of your appointment before you leave.

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“Thanks for being caring, loving and down to earth” – patient comment

Meet with a Health Consultant

Once you have paid, and turned in all of the paperwork you were given to sign you will meet with one of our caring, experienced, female health consultants. A staff member will take you to a room where you will go over all of the paperwork you signed, and be able to ask any questions you may have regarding your procedure. At this time your post procedure instructions will be given to you as well. Then you will be taken back to the waiting room until it is time for your procedure to begin.

Meet with the Doctor

Once it is time for your procedure to begin someone will come to the waiting room to get you and move you to a room to meet the doctor. The doctor will introduce himself, answer any questions you may still have and consent you for the procedure. Then an ultrasound will be performed to determine gestation. Procedures are completed immediately following the ultrasound as long as you are within the range of your selected procedure.

Medical Abortion

After the confirmation ultrasound, you will be asked to dress and meet the doctor and his assistant in the consultation room to take the first pill by mouth. You will be given the instruction and medication to complete the process at home before you are released.

Please refer back to the First Trimester Procedures Available tab for additional information.

Vacuum Aspiration Abortion

Vacuum Aspiration procedures are effective through the entire first trimester and are approximately 4 to 6 minutes long. To help with pain and anxiety of the procedure, you are given 800 mg of ibuprofen, localized numbing of your cervix and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to breathe.


Patients who choose the vacuum aspiration procedure have an in office recovery period of at least 30-45 minutes, depending on the patient’s own situation and needs. During this time your condition and vital signs will be monitored. You will be offered refreshments, have an opportunity to rest, review after care instructions, and discuss any medications that may have been prescribed. Heating pads and pain medication are available to assist in relieving discomfort. You are encouraged to rest the remainder of the day. Although heavy lifting and strenuous exercise are discouraged for the first 10 days following the abortion procedure, many women are able to return to school or work the following day. If you have any additional questions or concerns at this time, you are encouraged to ask them.

Post procedure medications and instructions are given prior to release. For your convenience, we do offer in house prescription services for the majority of the prescribed medications. The majority of these prescriptions are cheaper than cash pay prices at larger pharmacies.


In 2011 the State of Florida made a law which requires an ultrasound before an abortion. The law also requires that the patient be offered an opportunity to view and hear an explanation of the live ultrasound images before giving informed consent. The law also allows you to decline this viewing and listening consultation process if you so choose. There is a charge for a “detailed” ultrasound. You will be given the opportunity to decline the detailed ultrasounds during your meeting with your health consultant.

After you have consented with the doctor, your support person will take your to the procedure room for a confirmation ultrasound. Confirmation ultrasounds are included in the cost of your procedure and completed to make sure you are within the first trimester. Ultrasounds are also completed to make sure your choice of procedure is the most effective decision.